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Successful Bay Area Premiere of "No Volveran!"
Written by SF HOV   
Tuesday, 23 October 2007
SF MelanieThe San Francisco branch of Hands Off Venezuela organized two screenings of the new documentary, 'No Volveran: The Venezuelan Revolution Now'.  The first screening was at the Mission Cultural Centre in the Mission District in the heart of San Francisco's Latin American community.  About 38 people came for the evenings events which included live music from a Venezuelan singer song-writer.  After the film, Melanie MacDonald one of the film-makers was there for Q&A and a good discussion ensued.  The film was really well received and one member of the audience said how important he thought it was that the changes in Venezuela take on an international character, fearing it would fail if it was isolated.  Another person was surprised and disappointed that there are forces within the Bolivarian movement that want the struggle at the factory featured in the film, Sanatarios Maracay to fail.
The second screening was a small but, very good meeting at San Francisco State University in which 10 of us had a very good discussion after watching the film.  The discussion centered on the different kinds of worker's control and Melanie said how she thought the efforts of the worker's of Sanitarios Maracay are breaking new ground in building equality and solidarity of ALL Venezuelan workers.
Ann Robertson, a Lecturer at San Francisco State University and Hands Off Venezuela activist encouraged everyone to sign up to the Emil list and get involved in order to learn more and make sure that the positive changes happening in Venezuela in the interests of the poor are defended and that accurate information gets out to counteract the distortions and demonizing of the mainstream media.
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