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US Hands Off Venezuela on GoodSearch
Written by Hands Off Venezuela   
Saturday, 13 January 2007

As a means of raising funds, US Hands Off Venezuela has registered with GoodSearch - a search engine which sets aside 1 penny for every search made in the name of a given organization.

Every time someone uses GoodSearch for Hands Off Venezuela, a little bit gets set aside for the campaign. At the end of the year, this money gets added up and sent to HOV. In turn, the campaign uses that money for building and developing its activities. This means more tours, more delegations to Venezuela, and a greater capacity to develop its defense of Venezuela.

 Please begin using GoodSearch today. Just go to and type "Hands Off Venezuela" in the box that asks "Who do you GoodSearch for?". Now, every time you use the search engine, more money gets set aside.

Please be sure to use the search engine responsibly. Use this search engine like you would any other, because if it gets "spammed" the campaign could be removed from the database.

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