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Luis Primo (Venezuelan UNT) in San Jose, CA
Tuesday, 28 March 2006
On Saturday March 25, more than 60 workers and activists attended the second to last event of the Hands Off Venezuela West Coast tour. Luis Primo spoke at the SEIU Local 715 hall in San Jose, sponsored by the SEIU Latino Caucus, the Women’s International League for Peace, South Bay Mobilization and Hands off Venezuela.

The event began with the screening of “Venezuela Bolivariana”, followed by a speech on the labor history of Venezuela by Luis Primo.

luis primo san jose

Primo spoke on the history of the CTV, the Venezuelan trade union struggle in general and the formation of the UNT.  The audience was very excited when Primo explained how workers came together and took control of the state oil company PDVSA during the bosses lock out.  A strong emphasis during his speech was the need for worker’s participatory democracy not only in Venezuela but also in the United States. 

After speaking on Venezuela, Primo addressed the events unfolding here in the United States.  He stressed the need to broaden the immigrant and anti-war movements and link them with other struggles.  A discussion followed, during which the topic of workers' democratic participation was the most popular.  Here again, Primo stressed the need to link all struggles to further the consciousness of working people in the US and around the world.

luis primo san jose

Thanks to everyone who made this successful event possible.

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