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Call for Venezuela Solidarity Action and Endorsements
Thursday, 16 March 2006

Call for Venezuela Solidarity Action and Endorsements

International Week of Grassroots Venezuela Solidarity Actions: April 11-19

No to US Intervention!
Respect Venezuela's Sovereignty and Democracy!

Venezuela is under the gun. The Bush Administration and its allies simply cannot tolerate a country that uses windfall profits from high oil prices to invest in social programs such as health care, education, housing, and nutrition. The cannot tolerate that a poor country can afford to give reduced heating oil to the poorest citizens in the US while US corporations gouge us at the pump and pocket billions in profits. They cannot tolerate that Venezuela's participatory democracy, in which millions of people feel for the first time that they actually have a say in their government's policies and priorities, is the polar opposite of the "democracy" Bush and the Pentagon are exporting to countries like Iraq.

Based on past US actions and recent pronouncements against Venezuela, we can be sure that at this very moment, behind the closed doors of the State Department, the CIA, the Pentagon, in the chambers of Congress, and in corporate board rooms in both the US and Venezuela, there are plans to bring down President Chávez and Venezuelan democracy.

That's why it is urgent that we take action – loud action - from the smallest of towns to the largest of cities, to expose, counter, and resist these efforts to topple Venezuelan democracy. The best way we can do that is to build a massive international grass roots movement in solidarity with Venezuela.

On the weekend of March 4-6, dozens of organizations and hundreds of individuals came together in Washington, DC to form a Venezuela Solidarity Network (VSN). Following on the success of the December 2, 2005 international day of action to mark the anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine, a Calendar of Venezuela Grassroots Solidarity Actions was adopted by the conference delegates as part of building broad grassroots opposition to US intervention in Venezuela. There are four main dates proposed for coordinated international action, with several other dates of interest included for those who wish to organize additional activities. The first action is:


April 11-19, 2006
WEEK OF ACTION TO COMMEMORATE THE REVERSAL OF THE APRIL 2002 COUP AND VENEZUELA'S STRUGGLE FOR INDEPENDENCE: April 11 is the anniversary of the 2002 U.S.-backed coup against the democratically-elected government of Hugo Chávez. By April 14, in an unprecedented example of the power of the grass roots, the Venezuelan masses had reversed the coup and brought President Chávez back to power. This event marked a decisive turning point in the revolutionary process. March 19 is the anniversary of the start of Venezuela's Struggle for Independence. During this week, we will organize demonstrations, vigils, educational, and cultural activities in solidarity with Venezuela.

  • No to US Intervention!

  • Respect Venezuela's Sovereignty and Democracy!


If you and your organization have not already done so, please endorse and plan to participate in the April 11-19 days of solidarity with Venezuela.

April is coming soon, but there is still plenty of time to organize a public film showing, a discussion on Venezuela, a house party, a vigil, etc. on at least one of these days. In some cities, events are already being planned for several if not all of the proposed days of action. Please contact us for ideas on how to organize an event locally.

To endorse the April Week of Action and to give us the details of your local events, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . And be sure to contact the local media to inform them of your events; there is nothing better to combat the normally negative coverage of Venezuela than positive grassroots actions.

A list of April Week of Actions endorsers and a downloadable flyer will be available soon.

And if you and your organization have not already done so, please be sure to join the Emergency Response Network. Click here for more details:

Let's come together this April to commemorate the victory of the Venezuelan people over the US-backed coup and their historic struggle for Independence. Let's come together to ensure there will never be another coup against the democratically elected and overwhelmingly popular government of Venezuela!

In solidarity,

The Actions Committee of the Venezuela Solidarity Conference


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