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Minneapolis: The Monroe Doctrine and the Venezuelan Referendum

On Monday December 3rd, one day after the Venezuelan Constitutional Referendum and the 184th anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine, Twin Cities Hands Off Venezuela organized a presentation and discussion on U.S. intervention in Latin America since 1823, including its intervention in Sunday's referendum vote. Following the discussion, the film "No Volveran" was featured. This was part of the 3rd national day of solidarity action co-organized with the Venezuela Solidarity Network.

Hands Off Venezuela constitutional reform referendum blog
Welcome to the Hands off Venezuela constitutional reform referendum
blog. We will be bringing life news from Venezuela over the next few
days about the referendum taking place on Sunday 2nd.
Hundreds of thousands of students march for Chavez and "yes" in the referendum
They came in their tens of thousands, in their hundreds of thousands. They came from schools, from colleges, from universities, from teachers unions and trade unions, and from the Social Missions concerned with education. They came in their red shirts with different names but all saying the same thing, Si in the referendum. Eyewitness report from Caracas.
Day in Solidarity with Venezuela 12/2/07
A day of activities has been organized for Sunday, December 2, 2007, in solidarity with Venezuela. The events will be held at the Niebyl-Proctor Library in Oakland. Come learn about the Venezuela's democratic Bolivarian Revolution from 2 to 6pm. Then join the party in celebration of Venezuelan democracy and in solidarity with their achievements towards economic and social justice.
Minneapolis: The Monroe Doctrine and Latin America and the film "No Volveran"
The Twin Cities HOV campaign will be involved in a discussion on the Monroe Doctrine, in addition to showing "No Volveran" at Mayday Books on Dec. 3rd.
November Podcast Out Now!
The third episode of the Hands off Venezuela podcast is now availble for download or to listen to online.  Highlights include clips from the recent visit of Venezuelan MPs to London to discuss constitutional reform, Michael Liebowitz on Socialism of the 21st Century, and information on the upcoming UK national conference.  There’s also more details on constitutional reform and the usual burst of news, report backs and upcoming events including how you can help show support for the Venezuelan people during this period of heightened opposition action surrounding the referendum.
Twin Cities Premiere of "No Volveran!" – a new documentary on the Venezuelan Revolution
The new HOV film, "No Volveran," will premiere in the Twin Cities on November 2, 2007 at Mapps Coffee and Tea Café at 6:30 pm.
National Days of Solidarity with Venezuela, Dec. 2nd and 3rd
The Venezuela Solidarity Network and Hands Off Venezuela have joined together to issue a call for NATIONAL DAYS OF SOLIDARITY WITH VENEZUELA on December 2nd and 3rd, 2007.  December 2nd is the anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine, a declaration to the world of US intention to seek political, military, and economic control over South American, Central American, and Caribbean peoples.  The month of December also has special meaning for Venezuelans, including anniversaries of the election of Hugo Chavez to the presidency, and the adoption of the Bolivarian constitution.  This year, on December 2nd, Venezuelans will go to the polls to vote on proposed constitutional reforms.
Successful Bay Area Premiere of "No Volveran!"
A report from SF HOV on two screenings of "No Volveran."
TN Premiere of "NO VOLVERAN! - The Venezuelan Revolution Now!
FREE Film Showing of "No Volveran" on Wednesday, October 24 at 4:00pm at KUC Theatre, MTSU campus. 
Second HOV Podcast Show Available
The second show of HOV FM, the Hands Off Venezuela podcast, is now available for download or to listen to online.
Fargo-Moorhead Premiere of "No Volveran!"
A new film on the Venezuelan revolution, "No Volveran," will premeire in Fargo-Moorhead.  Read to learn more about this premeire.
Bay Area Premiere of "No Volveran!" A new film on the Venezuelan Revolution
The Bay Area HOV will premeire "No Volveran," a new film from HOV on the Venezuelan Revolution.  Read to learn more about the Bay Area premeire.
Venezuelan Delegation Visits Minnesota
On September 14, 2007, a delegation of representatives of the Venezuelan government visited Minnesota. The delegation included The Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United States, Bernardo Alvarez, the Consul and Deputy Consul for Venezuela in Chicago, Martín Sánchez and Omar Sierra, and Marcos García, labor attache at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC. They met with a variety of local government officials, community organizations, organized labor, and students. 
CHANGED TIME Twin Cities: Venezuelan Labor Movement and U.S. Workers - A Meeting with Labor Attache
A Meeting with Marcos García, Labor Attaché for the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC; and Martin Sánchez, Consul General for Venezuela in Chicago - Sept. 14th from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm at the United Labor Center in Minneapolis, MN (312 Central Ave. SE).
Workers control under attack - The struggle for justice at Sanitarios Maracay continues
Megan Hise reports from Maracay on the latest attempt to destroy the struggle of the workers at Sanitarios Maracay for expropriation under workers' control.
The Old Iran-Contra Death Squad Gang is Desperate to Discredit Chavez
Democracy and hope in Latin America have been revived by Venezuela's leader. But the forces allied against him are formidable says John Pilger in The Guardian
Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela Prepares to Elect Congress Delegates
The formation of the new Unifiedd Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) is well underway. The founding congress, which will discuss the political program and statutes of the new party, is scheduled to begin in September and to conclude in December.
The struggle for nationalisation continues
After 8 months of occupation, the struggle of the workers at Sanitarios Maracay is more alive than ever before, despite the problems they are facing. On July 18th, a delegation from Hands off Venezuela and the Revolutionary Marxist Current went to Maracay to hand over the 1,318,000 Bolivars collected in the last weeks by Hands off Venezuela UK amongst the workers and youth supporters of the Bolivarian revolution in Great Britain.
Venezuela’s Co-Managed Inveval: Surviving in a Sea of Capitalism
An excellent article explaining the current situation of Inveval, the Venezuelan valve factory producing under workers' control, where the workers are facing the problems of operating in a capitalist market but also the sabotage of the state bureaucracy.
New Film from HOV: No Volveran
From the makers of the Hands Off Venezuela film 'Solidarity', and the Sanitarios Maracay short film series, comes 'No Volverán - The Venezuelan Revolution Now', a new exciting feature length documentary about the Venezuelan Revolution.   Click here for more information or to purchase this DVD.
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